It is a system for endodontic preparation and filling of the root canal used by Dental Montreal Dentists. It is based on Adaptive Motion technology.

What is Adaptive Motion Technology?

Adaptive Motion relies on a patented feedback algorithm that changes the motion of the rotary file in the root canal as well as adapting it to unlock itself spontaneously from undercut in the dentin found in the root canal path. This specific technology will reduce the incidence of file breakage as well as increase the preparation efficiency and homogeneity.

What are the benefits of using This System?

For our patients in Dental Montreal office we provide them with the best in the market to meet their needs, save their time and save the dentist time with Sybron-Endo the Root canal preparation might take one visit to be completely filled reducing patient apprehension, time and discomfort.

Unless the teeth are infected the root canal treatment is no longer a long tedious procedure that would take a lot of time of the patient and the dentist.

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