Filling and Pulp Treatment

Why are primary teeth important?

Healthy primary teeth are very important for children to chew food properly, speak clearly and mostly it acts as space maintainers for permanent teeth.

That’s why they must be preserved as long as possible till the permanent teeth erupt as they act as guide for them to align properly.

How often should my child be seen by dentist? And why?

It is usually recommended that a child should be seen twice a year, and should make his first examination at one year old of age; yet more frequent visits may be recommended due to increased risk of tooth decay, unusual growth pattern or poor oral hygiene.

As a rule a child should have a complete examination, cleaning and fluoride application every 6 month starting from 3 years of age.

During examination, if a tooth was found to be decayed, it should be immediately filled to avoid the decay spreading to encroach on pulp cavity which causes severe pain.

Our Dental Montreal specialists are equipped with all means to make your child visit agreeable, starting with a very welcoming approach and an insuring and calming atmosphere.

Dental Montreal even provides filling for children with their favorite colors, Blue, Pink, Green…etc.

Pulp treatment

Whenever the decay of primary teeth was left without proper follow up, it usually proceeds very fast to involve the pulp cavity, that is due to the thickness of the layers forming the primary teeth is much thinner than permanent teeth.


It’s a procedure performed to treat affected pulps; in which the nerve tissue in the pulp chamber is completely removed to level of the branching of the pulp in the root, a cotton pellet is then applied to the orifices for a couple of minutes to make sure no bleeding is still present then a regular filling is introduced.


It’s another procedure that is used whenever the bleeding of the pulp chamber do not stop completely after applying the cotton pellet which indicate that the remaining pulp tissue in the root area is inflamed which indicates removal of that infected pulp from the roots as well before filling.

What are the indications for extraction of primary teeth?

If all efforts done to try to preserve primary teeth failed either filling, Pulpotomy and rebuilding; to the level that the infection has formed an abscess, or the tooth was broken down by decay to the level of no repair, it’s usually preferred to extract that tooth so that the infection under it won’t affect the developing tooth germ of the permanent.